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Our Infant Learning Lab is located at Early Start at the University of Wollongong.

What does a visit to our lab typically look like?

  • We may ask parents to record their babies movements at home, things like tummy time and rolling!

  • Little one will get to explore a new space, and we'll observe all the exciting things they get up to

  • Babies can also be chatty, so we will audio-record some of their babbles and goo-gas

  • After all their talking and exploring, we'll then want to see how their little brains remember tasks

  • We're also interested in what it's like to read with your baby, especially as they get increasingly mobile

If this sounds like something you would be interested in or would like to have more information, click here and fill in the Research Interest Form.

You can also visit our FAQs page for more information.

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Our Lab

This is where we will complete tasks with you and your little one.

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Video Recording

To see how your baby is moving, we may ask you to video your child doing certain movements at home - things like tummy time and rolling, depending on how old they are.

Imitation Task

To see how babies learn, we will demonstrate a task using a toy, then see if your baby can remember the task later.

LENA Recording

We'll put this funky monkey vest on your baby at the start of the lab visit. During the exploration task, we'll place a LENA recording device in the front pocket, so we can audio record any baby chatter.

Exploration Task

To see how babies explore a new environment, we will observe what your baby gets up to in the lab.

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Book Reading

We are interested in when and how parents and carers start reading to their little ones, and what happens as little one becomes increasingly mobile and no longer wants to sit still!

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