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Have you ever wondered how babies and young children make sense of the busy world around them and learn from their experiences? How important is wellbeing during pregnancy in the parenting journey? Our research group studies early learning, bonding, wellbeing, and parent-child interaction.

New Growth
ARe you pregnant or the parent of a young child?
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Do you wonder how babies and children learn?

Take part in current studies from our research group

Attitudes, knowledge, and expectations of childbirth and the transition to parenthood 

Click here for a 30 min survey if you or your partner are currently pregnant

Ethics Approval Number: 2022/110 (UOW)



Assessing and supporting new and expectant Dads' psychosocial health

Click here for a 10 minute survey if you are a GP, Midwife, or Early Childhood Nurse

Ethics approval number: 2023/078

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